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    • Ready for Kirsten? September 10, 2014
      Democratic Senator from New York Kirsten Gillibrand launched a book this week, and it felt like she was launching a presidential campaign. Everything about this book - the timing, the emphasis on Hillary Clinton, and its marketing campaign - is consistent with a plan for Clinton to announce early next year that no, she's not running for president, then […]
      Allan Brauer
    • What next for immigration reform? Some suggestions September 9, 2014
      This weekend we learned that President Obama has decided to postpone announcing executive actions on immigration reform until after the November midterm elections. This announcement was met with howls of indignation and feelings of betrayal from most, but not all, immigration activists. This author scuffled with some activists on social media and feels oblig […]
      Allan Brauer
    • Failing At Life: An Open Letter to Erick Erickson from a Minimum Wage Worker September 8, 2014
      Erick Erickson and his conservative cohorts have demonized not just the minimum wage but the people who live on it. But what is their life really like? Despite working full time, millions of Americans live in poverty while conservative commentators cash their fat checks. But is the party selling the snake oil of "we know what your life is like" rea […]
      Trevor LaFauci

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