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    • Obamacare: Still Not Dead Yet July 22, 2014
      A small group of Republican judges on one circuit court comes out with an entirely political ruling on Obamacare, and it fills up the airwaves like fresh cow manure fills up a closed room. What you are not likely to hear, however, is that the DC panel's Halbig v Burwell ruling attempting to take away subsidies from millions of Americans is in a small mi […]
      Allan Brauer
    • A few thoughts on Putin's "strategic genius" July 22, 2014
      In a few short months, Vladimir Putin has gone from "eating Obama's lunch" to being a near pariah. An examination of his "strategic genius".
      Liberal Librarian
    • Elizabeth Warren, Barack Obama, and lessons in reform and pragmatism July 21, 2014
      To the Left's ideologues, Barack Obama is a Wall Street charlatan who sold us down the river by enacting a "weak-kneed" financial reform law that just also happens to be the strongest such regulation since the 1930s. To them, Sen. Elizabeth Warren is what they tell us they hoped Barack Obama would be - before, you know, Obama became president […]
      Spandan Chakrabarti

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