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    • When is a reporter not a reporter? Observations on the Ferguson story August 21, 2014
      In reporting on Michael Brown's shooting in Ferguson, Missouri, some members of the press have played fast and loose with the story. Two stories in particular reveal a troubling pattern, in which law enforcement feeds information intended to win sympathy for Officer Darren Wilson to willing tools in the media. But now, these stories are blowing up in th […]
      Allan Brauer
    • Christine Byers Tweeted What? How Authorities Use the Press to Disseminate Their Narrative August 19, 2014
      A reporter from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch made an amazing claim about witnesses to the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson. It immediately became the sole source for multiple stories on several websites and was RTed by journalists like Jake Tapper. But elementary fact-checking has blown her claim to smithereens.
      Allan Brauer
    • From Enmity to Empathy: Hate, Hugs, and Hope in Ferguson August 16, 2014
      I'm sorry.   Say it with me.  I'm sorry.  That wasn't hard, was it?  Sure, it takes some effort sometimes.  There are times when we have to swallow our pride and admit we were wrong.  It's never easy to admit that for whatever reason we said or did something that did more harm than good.  We as human beings don't set out our day inte […]
      Trevor LaFauci

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