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    • Off-Message: Why Democrats Failed to Ignite Their Base During the 2014 Midterm Elections November 15, 2014
      The Democrats' electoral loss this month can be attributed in good part to the failure of the party to coalesce behind a set of progressive issues that the American people are highly supportive of. Besides for benching their star quarterback, Democrats went pandering for votes without a strong, unifying national platform to bring out Democratic voters. […]
      Trevor LaFauci
    • You Mad, Bro? Republicans Flip Out as President Obama Reaches Historic Climate Pact with China November 13, 2014
      President Obama has reached a historic climate pact with China, requiring the Chinese to transition fast to zero-emission energy and peak carbon emissions. The United States will also aggressively reduce emissions. China has never been on board before on this comprehensive a global plan to tackle carbon emissions. President Obama has made history again, and […]
      Spandan Chakrabarti
    • A political system on life support November 8, 2014
      This is getting to be a pattern - the GOP can't win presidential elections, and Democrats can't hold their own in midterms. The demographics are undoubtedly shifting to favor Democrats, but we seem to only vote in "sexy" elections (i.e. for president), while Republicans have built an impressive voter base that votes every time. In 2014, D […]
      Liberal Librarian

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