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    • Oops! President Obama Vindicated on Trade by the Very Case Peddled by TPP Detractors May 2, 2015
      The Huffington Post attempts to gin up a fight between Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign and President Obama's administration on trade as Left's tradephobes are switching their tactics to scaring people that an investor-state dispute resolution process in the Trans-Pacific Partnership would allow corporations to force countries to roll b […]
      Spandan Chakrabarti
    • History Remembers: An Overlooked Aspect of Barack Obama's Legacy April 29, 2015
      Legacy is not judged by contemporary media. It is judged by history - history that considers a president's policies and the effects of those policies in the years far outliving a presidency. But once in a while, a president's legacy goes far beyond just their formidable policy accomplishments to the core of how they changed the character of a count […]
      Trevor LaFauci
    • What Price Stimulus? and the Politics of Strange Bedfellows April 29, 2015
      Guest blogger Randy Abraham delves into the Left's fear of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which seems to be based on a deep and undeserved mistrust of one of the most labor friendly presidents in history, President Obama. The alliance that looks to be advancing and carrying through the most progressive trade deal in history is shaping up to be Republica […]
      Randy Abraham, Guest Blogger

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