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    • Does Not Compute: How The Mainstream Media's Twin Peaks Coverage Dropped The Ball May 26, 2015
      The Waco biker brawl exposed, yet again, a certain squeamishness among the media to applying to mostly white miscreants the label of "thug" it routinely applies to people of color engaged in lawless action. Trevor LaFauci examines this odd dichotomy.
      Trevor LaFauci
    • Memorial Day Open Thread May 25, 2015
      Remember this when GOPers talk about "supporting the troops".#MemorialDay when the hypocrisy of the GOP is out in full force as they honor the Vets they have been voting against— Americans America (@americans4amer) May 25, 2015 This is your open thread.
      Liberal Librarian
    • Comhghairdeas, Eire! May 23, 2015
      Ireland has voted for marriage equality. Irish from all over the world made the trip back to the old sod to vote. Meanwhile, here in the world's greatest democracy, GOP governors are making it more difficult for people to vote. USA! USA!This is your Saturday open thread.
      Liberal Librarian

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