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    • Mi papá December 18, 2014
      Join me on a personal journey on President Obama's new outreach to Cuba.
      Liberal Librarian
    • On death cults and the modern world December 16, 2014
      More terror, more heartbreak. The Taliban attacks in Pakistan, the Al Qaeda bombing in Yemen are symptoms of a death cult which has gripped the world. And the US isn't immune. Death abounds here as well. What can be done about it? Follow us in.
      Liberal Librarian
    • On #CRomnibus and Purity Pouting December 12, 2014
      Well, we're here again. Purity pundits decrying the crap deal Pres. Obama has to make with John Boehner to keep the government funded. You know what would have been nice? Voting in a Democratic Congress. But, that's just crazy talk. Follow me after the bump.
      Liberal Librarian

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