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    • BFD: "Incompetent" Black Man Leads US Economy to Solid, Sustained Growth July 30, 2014
      While media-political establishment in America continues its downward spiral, President Obama's policies for the American people keep bearing fruit. Numbers are out today showing the US economy is on a path of sustained growth and recovery, including for jobs. So much for that "incompetent" black man in the White House.
      Spandan Chakrabarti
    • "Liberal" Media's White-Privilege Bias: WaPo/MSNBC's Chris Cillizza Trolls Obama on "Competency" July 29, 2014
      For the past two days, Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post and MSNBC fame has been trolling President Obama based on CNN's cooked poll. Today's piece, calling the President incompetent, deserves a response. Calling the president who has ended two wars, instituted health care reform, realized the most significant financial reform in living history […]
      Spandan Chakrabarti
    • The Real Michele Bachmann Is So Much Worse Than the Fake One July 29, 2014
      Under the radar of fake news story about Michele Bachmann that she exploited undocumented immigrant children for labor, a much bigger - and frankly, much worse - flew a true story about the soon-to-be-former Congresswoman's blood libel against the LGBT community. On a Christian radio show, she equated same-sex marriage with polygamy, and horribly, pedop […]
      Allan Brauer

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