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    • Soft power's amazing resuscitation - The Ukraine deal April 18, 2014
      The use of American power - soft power - has got us a deal in Ukraine without war. After so much evidence that American diplomacy and sanctions are just as powerful as American bombs, will neocons still insist on war? Of course they will.
      Liberal Librarian
    • From Boston To Bundy: Mainstream Media's Struggle To Define Modern Terrorism April 16, 2014
      The national media's spectacular failure - or perhaps intentional ignorance - of American homegrown terrorism is among the most serious of the failings of the press. But could the power of the word 'terrorism', properly used, change the course of our political gridlock? It certainly could.
      Trevor LaFauci
    • When history is inconvenient, rewrite it April 10, 2014
      The GOP's desperate attempt to rewrite, omit and flat out lie about history to hide their current, clear and present racism is a propaganda campaign to behold. But behind that veil of propaganda, the Republicans' transparent attempt to dismantle civil and voting rights cannot go unnoticed. They have shown us what they will do when they have power, […]
      Liberal Librarian

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