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    • Blinded by Celebrity: How Fame has Gone to Elizabeth Warren's Head March 30, 2015
      Elizabeth Warren made her name because of a specific policy idea that was her brainchild: the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Yet, since having become a Senator, Warren seems to have accomplished little more than yelling at the banks, who admittedly deserve to be yelled at. But Warren has not sponsored a single piece of legislation on direct bank regul […]
      Spandan Chakrabarti
    • The Path We Are On: Barack Obama and the Nobel Peace Prize March 28, 2015
      Early in the Presidency of Barack Obama he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Many think he didn’t deserve the prize then and that he still is undeserving of that prize now. From my point of view President Obama has been working to put us on a different path than the one we have been on and that change of path is vital for the survival of humanity.
      Nancy the Artist
    • Fortune's Painfully Dumb Defense of Snubbing Obama for Greatest Leaders List March 27, 2015
      Fortune, facing backlash for their decision to exclude President Obama in their list of 50 "greatest world leaders" (which includes Taylor Swift and right wing ideologues), has published an article defending their decision. Only problem is, the defense stands out as even more ridiculous than the original decision to exclude the President.
      Spandan Chakrabarti

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