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    • Elizabeth Warren, Barack Obama, and lessons in reform and pragmatism July 21, 2014
      To the Left's ideologues, Barack Obama is a Wall Street charlatan who sold us down the river by enacting a "weak-kneed" financial reform law that just also happens to be the strongest such regulation since the 1930s. To them, Sen. Elizabeth Warren is what they tell us they hoped Barack Obama would be - before, you know, Obama became president […]
      Spandan Chakrabarti
    • 'Murica and Murrietta: Xenophobia and Racism in 21st Century America July 15, 2014
      Conservative nostalgia for an America that never truly existed - a fiction of monolythic neighborhoods and a monocultural society - has lead to today's observable and palpable xenophobia in Conservative America. Their twisted definition of an American has excluded America's heart and promise: a nation of immigrants. Terrified of losing "their […]
      Trevor LaFauci
    • Boehner's lawsuit against Obama is so dumb, even conservatives hate it July 11, 2014
      John Boehner has decided he will sue President Obama over a business friendly health care move. But the lawsuit is not only earning "so sue me for doing my job" ridicules from the White House, but conservatives are hopping mad. The reactionary base sees the lawsuit as a namby pamby move to avoid the Tea Party's pressure to impeach Obama, and t […]
      Spandan Chakrabarti

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