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    • Looking Back: An American History Lesson from the year 2034 July 27, 2014
      Your Sunday feel-good piece. What a future generation looking back at President Obama is likely to say.
      Trevor LaFauci
    • Almost 7 Million Americans Will Receive Obamacare Refunds July 24, 2014
      It's rebate time - Obamacare rebate time. For the third year in a row, insurance companies will be forced to give refunds to consumers in cases where they failed to use at least 80-85% of premium revenue on actual health care. This year, almost 7 million Americans will benefit from Obamacare refund checks.
      Allan Brauer
    • Obamacare: Still Not Dead Yet July 22, 2014
      A small group of Republican judges on one circuit court comes out with an entirely political ruling on Obamacare, and it fills up the airwaves like fresh cow manure fills up a closed room. What you are not likely to hear, however, is that the DC panel's Halbig v Burwell ruling attempting to take away subsidies from millions of Americans is in a small mi […]
      Allan Brauer

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